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Combo Courses


When you want to Pursue a New Career,
Start with a Dream!


We have decided to offer you all our courses. We have created one large kit. By doing this we are able to give you a better price on the training & the kits. 

You will be able to offer a larger number of treatments to your clients.
This will give you a huge advantage in the
Beauty Game. 

By taking the Ultimate Glamour Course, the discount given equates to receiving almost 2 of the courses for free.

We offer these same treatments in our salon so we know what the potential income can be.

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Different Training Courses


We have taken a selected number of courses and combined them to allow you to get the most out of your training and kits. 


The Ultimate Glamour Course is All our Courses combined for only NOW R 75 000.
This course includes One Large Kit for all your Treatment Requirements and all the additional stock you will use during the training.

If you would like to pay this course off,
contact us and we will get FinMed to contact you directly:

CLICK HERE to view Combo Kit Contents

3x Large Boxes
1x Small Box
1x Dr. Pen kit
25x 36 Prong Needle Cartridges
1x Numb Master 5% Epidermal Anaesthetic (118ml)
1x BellaNumb Dermal Anaesthetic (30ml)
1x Microneedling Oil (100ml)
1x Hairgrowth Ointment (50ml)
100x Tongue Depressors
1x Mini Cling Wrap Roll
10x Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules
1x Sharps Container (1 litre)
1x Skin Sanitizer (500ml)
1x Equipment Disinfectant (500ml)
1x Gloves – Latex Gloves (Powder free)
100x Disposable Haircaps
100x Disposable Aprons
50x Disposable Masks
1x Kidney Bowl
1x Paper Towel
1x Cotton Wool Pads (80)
1x Microneedling Manual
1x Permanent Makeup Catalogue
1x Digital PMU Machine
1x Spare Battery
1x Microblading Pen
20x Kwadron 1 prong Needles Cartridges
20x Kwadron 3 prong Needles Cartridges
25x Microblading Needles
7x Belladerma Pigments
25x Vitamin A&D ointment sachets
100x Deep Pigment Pots
100x Short Pigments Pots
1x Pigment Stand
1x Pigment Ring
1x Calliper
1x Mapping String
1x Self Sharpening Pencil
1x Red Pilot Pen
1x White Liquid Pen
2x Razor
100x Microbrushes
1x Blank Self Marking Practice Skin
1x Microblading Practice Skin
1x Refectocil Perm and Neutralizer set
1x LashLifta Nourishing Oil
1x Silicone Lifting Pad Set
2x Large Lash Clips
1x LashLifta Glue
1x LashLifta Glue Remover
1x LashLifta Separator
1x Refectocil Pure Black Tint
1x Refectocil Natural Brown Tint
1x Refectocil Blue Black Tint
1x Petroleum Jelly
1x Perozide
1x Mixing Dappen Glass Dish
1x Reusable Silicone Pad for Tinting
1x Applicator Brush
1x Refectocil Color Match Leaflet
1x Refectocil Sensitive Leaflet
1x Mega Pro-Bonding Glue

1x Tray of Mink Lashes (20 lines) C-curl (0.20mm thick x 9 mm long)
1x Tray of Mink Lashes (20 lines) C-curl (0.20mm thick x 10 mm long)
1x Tray of Mink Lashes (20 lines) C-curl (0.20mm thick x 11 mm long)
1x Tray of Mink Lashes (20 lines) C-curl (0.20mm thick x 12 mm long)
1x Tray of Mink Lashes (20 lines) C-curl (0.20mm thick x 13 mm long)
1x Tray of Volume Flare Lashes C-curl (0.07mm thick x 9mm long)
1x Tray of Volume Flare Lashes C-curl (0.07mm thick x 10mm long)
1x Tray of Volume Flare Lashes C-curl (0.07mm thick x 11mm long)
1x Tray of Volume Flare Lashes C-curl (0.07mm thick x 12mm long)
1x Tray of Volume Flare Lashes C-curl (0.07mm thick x 13mm long)
1x JB Pro-Grade Gel Remover
1x Nano Lash Cream – Glue Remover

1x Protein Remover & Primer pads
5x Pairs Eye Patches
1x Surgical Tape
1x Rose Stone
1x Glue Films

1x Sapphire Tweezer
1x Topaz Tweezer
1x Lash Ring with Lash Holder & Glue Pot
1x Longer-Life Coating Sealer
1x Makeup Remover

1x Foam Cleanser for Lashes & Brows
1x Foam Cleanser Brush
10x Lint-Free Applicators
10x Disposable Plastic Mascara Brushes

1x Air Pump
1x Mavex Foot Cream
10x Callus Peel Membranes
1x Mavex Scraper
1x Mavex File
10x Mavex File Replacement Pads
1x Towel Mittens
1x Micro-needling Poster
1x Permanent Makeup Poster
1x Microblading Poster
1x Lash Extensions Poster
1x LashLifta Poster
1x Brow Lamination Poster
1x Mavex Poster
2x Postal Tube
25x Aftercare Cards Micro-needling
25x Aftercare Cards Permanent Makeup
25x Aftercare Cards Microblading
25x Aftercare Cards Lash Extensions
25x Aftercare Cards LashLifta
25x Aftercare Cards Brow Lamination
25x Indemnity Forms Micro-needling
25x Indemnity Forms Permanent Makeup
25x Indemnity Forms Microblading
25x Indemnity Forms Lash Extensions
25x Indemnity Forms LashLifta
25x Indemnity Forms Brow Lamination

Lash Courses 2


For our Ultimate Glamour Course, we will offer them on the normal course dates that we offer every month. This will give you, as the student, enough time to absorb all the Information and Training Techniques. It will take 1 month to complete all the courses. You can however take them over a few months if that would suit you better. 

We can however do these courses over a 2 week period. Talk to us about this option if you are interested in this. 

Our training is done in our Durban Training Centre in Kloof.
We take a maximum of 4 students per course so that you all get individual attention and supervision that you need.

For more info on these courses please click on the buttons below to view the info on each course:


PLEASE make sure you have the funds and time available before booking this course.

If you interested in joining our Ultimate Glamour Courses please fill in your details below and we will contact you. 

Our training is only in Durban at the moment so please ensure you can come before you fill in a form.

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