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Mavex Calluspeel Workshop and Kit

Mavex Calluspeel Workshop and Kit


Mavex Callus Workshop shows you the correct way to use our product and to get the best results.

The Mavex Course comes with the Mavex Starter Kit:

1x Mavex Foot Cream
10x Callus Peel Membranes
1x Mavex Scraper
1x Mavex File
10x Mavex File Replacement Pads
1x Cling Wrap
1x Towel Mittens
1x Kit Bag

This kit can perform 10 treatments. Recommended Retail per treatments R350. Total cost is R115.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance when you do this workshop.


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Mavex Calluspeel Footcare Kit helps Create Perfectly Smooth and Callus-Free Feet in just 30 minutes. This is the Quickest Solution on the market. Make your Pedicures Amazing!

Mavex is a Swiss, Medically Graded Callus Footcare System. Mavex is only available in Salons and performed only by a professional therapist.

The System is very Simple Effective and Professional.
It taking just 30 minutes from beginning to end making the Quickest System Available.
There is No Neutralizing Required making it Convenient.
No Blades or Drills are used making it Safe.
It Works Perfectly Every Single Time making it Reliable.
The Callus Peel comes in sachets. One per customer. Making it easy to keep control of stock.

Mavex is the Logical Choice for Effective, Safe, Quick, Convenient and Reliable Foot Care Treatments.

Join us for a Workshop so we can show you how to use the product effectively.

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