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Unit Contains:
Tech-Touch Panel, Tech-Touch hand-piece, Deck, Safety Shell, Quick start & Instruction CD-ROM.

The new revolutionary technology.
Built-in Safety assures the security for permanent cosmetics.


  • Hand Piece is equipped with a patent Safety Shell system, which reduces the risk of cross containment & infection during the procedure. This new generation device is designed in streamline shape and lightweight aluminum material. Much easier and comfortable for handing and control, this allows the users to create the most natural hair stroke.
  • In order to satisfy all professionals’ needs, Hand Piece also maximizes the performance and upgrades the installed motor. With such support, users are able to make the procedure more efficient, precise and comfortable, achieving a fabulous result for the permanent cosmetics.

Digital Panel

  • Timer Control
  • Time control makes the procedure more efficient.
  • Portable Design
  • The lightest device, only weighs 50g. 54×38 full-color touch panel with friendly interface for left/right handed users.
  • Safety Sensor
  • More Precision creates less trauma and finer strokes. Revolutionary innovation of Safety
  • Sensor indicates warning when the depth of needle exceeds 1 cm of safe range.

Safety Shell
The exclusively designed Safety Shell and built-in diaphragm prevent backflow and cross contaminant, developing a safe and hygienic environment for permanent make treatment.


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