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Microblading for Professionals


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Microblading is also known as micro pigmentation and is a form of permanent makeup but more semi-permanent due to the technique and pigment been implanted. The technique is newly formed but is derived from an old manual permanent make up technique.

The needles used to performed a Microblading technique are nano-needles which are 0.2mm thick needles arranged in a row which come in 5, 7, 9, 12 or 14 needles, either shaped in a C-curl or a U-shape.

The needle is insured into a pen with clamps and can be placed either at a 90 or 45 degree angle which is then used to manually deposit pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin, creating clean and crisp lines that resemble natural eyebrow hairs to enhance the eyebrows making them look fuller and more defined.

The technique is designed to be a semi-permanent procedure and only lasts for 1-3 years. The body is designed to push out foreign objects and because of the pigment been deposited into the upper dermal layer, the body slowly rejects the pigment. The Microblading technique will gives the client a more natural look opposed to the bold, more fuller look that permanent makeup offers.



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Premier took a very long time to come out with their microblading pigment because it is so against their grain to use a pigment with Iron Oxide in it and one that is semi- permanent.

Sandi (the owner of Premier) found a company that manufacturer the produced the most stable iron oxide pigment on the market. It faded without changing colour.

Everything you want from a Microblading pigment. For a long time, she asked the manufacturer to share the secret but would not give her any information. Eventually she realised the only way to get the secrets was to purchase the company and so she did. Since then we have had the most stable pigment available to us.

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Microblading is supposed to be the most comfortable, pain-free procedure available. The two anaesthetics available need to be used together and are so effective that your client will not feel anything if done correctly.

The first anaesthetic is a cream – epidermal anaesthetic. This numbs the first two layers of the skin so that it can be perforated. The second anaesthetic is a gel – dermal anaesthetic and will numb the depth in the skin where the pigment will be implanted.


Hygiene is a serious concern so all accessories used that come in to contact with the skin is disposable. All disposable items comes individually wrapped and pre-sterilized insuring hygiene at all times and the parts are extremely affordable so absolutely no reusing or autoclaving is necessary.



Everyone that does Microblading battles in the beginning to with finding the correct depth and correct pressure to work in the skin but if you are trained correctly this will help set your foundation correctly.

Always work with Less Pressure. If you work too deep, you not able to go over it again and if there is too much blood you will just push all the pigment out. If the pressure is too deep the pigment will not heal neatly and crisp.

You need to holding your tool correctly and be patient, calm and make precise surgical precision strokes to ensure clean and crisp lines.

The procedure should be Pain-Free and a pleasant procedure for the client.
If the procedure is painful it will make the clients talk about the pain and not the awesome results. 

Get the right training. This is essential when practicing anything permanent.

Treat your clients face as if it were your own. No one pays to have their faces messed up. Be mindful and practice, practice, practice. After 100 procedures you will know what you are going. Try not to mess up anyones faces on the way.

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