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LashLifta Course



LashLifta kit is a fully comprehensive kit that comes with a Simple Clip System as well as the Traditional Silicone and Glue System.

The Clip system is Quick, Convenient, Effective, Long-Lasting with Less Fuss and Less Product but we find this only effective for longer lashes. The Silicone and Glue for medium and shorter lashes.




The LashLifting System is of Impeccable Quality. Designed with the Sensitivity of Lashes in Mind. There is No Burning or Irritation and the system is Fast, Effective and Convenient.



The Simple Clip System – Saving Time. The treatment time is only is 20-25 minutes.

Using the Clip System makes the treatment Fast and Convenient. No Fussing and Costing Less due to Less Products used.

The System can perform around 50 treatment. Making this a very Lucrative System. The treatments cost R52 and you can charge R350 – R450 per treatment. Grossing R17,500 – R22,500 per kit.

The Traditional Silicone system does take a bit longer but it depends on the look you want. A lot of the therapists prefer this system. It takes longer but the result is lovely. The only additional product used is the glue. The silicone pads can be reused for a certain number of times. So the treatments are not that much more expensive to perform.

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