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Microneedling Course


Microneedling treatments essential purpose is to rejuvenate, skin tightening and repair of the epidermis with minimal downtime and maximum results.

The Dr. Pen™ visibly improve the appearance of:

microneeling treatment



The Micro-Needling machine is fitted with a cartridge using either a 9, 12, 36 or 42 prong microscopically thin needles which are used only once and disposed of. No needle should be used more than once due to bacterial infections and needle bluntness.

The needles oscillate up and down at between 10,000 and 20,000 revolutions per minute, puncturing the skin, create tiny puncture holes in the epidermis, causing micro-trauma.

The immune system will respond to the micro-trauma to repair the area. While repairing, the body will reproduce new healthy collagen and elastin cells. 

All products used on the freshly Mirco needled skin will be absorbed. Be sure to use superior products during treatments and for home care. We recommend ampoules from Germany for the best results.


The short answer would be NO, provided the therapist uses a good topical epidermal anaesthetic, and that they apply enough onto the skin. The area must also be adequately wrapped with cling wrap to prevent oxygen from penetrating, causing the anaesthetic to be less effective.
After the treatments, the skin will feel like mild to moderate sunburn.


Dermal Rollers only have one needle length that cannot be adjusted during treatments. Different depth rollers need to be used in different areas. The cost of the derma roller is higher, as you need to purchase a new roller or roller head instead of a small, cheaper cartridge.

The derma roller has a much large head and cannot fit into small areas. Dr. Pen™ tips have a much smaller surface area in order to reach all the small, intricate areas easily.

The Dermal Roller needles tear little incisions into the skin instead of puncturing 90-degree holes. 

Dr. Pen™ is easier to operate and less taxing, as the machine does all the work. It simply has to be guided across the skin lightly. The cartridges are easy to install and the needle depth is easy to adjust for the areas that are thinner and more sensitive, making it easy to tailor-make the treatment to suit your clients’ needs.

The most important difference between the Dermal Roller and the Dr. Pen™ is the micro-punctures per minute. The Dermal Roller make 3000 and 4000 holes per minute and the Dr. Pen™ make between 10,000 and 20,000 puncture holes per minute, depending on the model Dr. Pen™ used.


The Importance of Adequate Training is so important for the safety of the client. Scarring can be a definite problem and has been seen several times caused by untrained therapists. We have made the course affordable so please take advantage to be been trained correctly.

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