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Eyeliner Course


Permanent Makeup as a career is can be so fulfilling and rewarding plus it can give you the freedom and the income you desire.

Belladerma have been one of the leading Training Academies since 2008. We have kept up with Technology and Techniques to pass it on to our Students. We are passionate about giving the correct training so our students can develop healthy skills in order to prosper.

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Permanent Makeup can be such a Fulfilling and Lucrative Job.
You help people have Permanently, Gorgeous Eyeliner all day, every day. A woman very looks complete without her Eyeliner. It’s a Niche Market but well worth investing in. 

The trick is to know how to do it properly.

We have years of Experience and Skill.

We can guide you properly so you can thrive in this industry.


We are SAAHSP Corporate Members and are Approved by them. 

If you are a SAAHSP Member, You can now earn 12 CBD points if you do our Permanent Makeup Course.



History of Tattoo’s
Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization
Anatomy & Physiology of The Skin
Equipment and Supplies
Marketing Principles & Business Considerations
The Consultation
Frequently Asked Questions
Special Considerations
Indemnity Forms
Advanced Colour Theory
Correctional Colour


Operating Machine & Different Stock
Techniques for Intradermal Cosmetic Procedure
Procedure Preparation
Eliminating Pain Techniques
Anatomy of The Eye
Corneal Abrasion
Facts on Pigment Migration
Ombre Eyeliner
Top Eyeliner with an accent

Eye Accents Art
Bottom Eyeliner

Mucosal Treatments


Operating Machine
Correct Techniques for the Eyeliner Procedure
Drawing Exercises
Practice on Practice skin 2-3 weeks prior to training


Click Here to view DURATION OF COURSE

2 Day Course Actual Physical days

2 Weeks Prior – Brow Theory all done online.

Day 1:  1-2 weeks prior to Practical
Practical Introduction day

Day 2: Practical Day
Eyeliner Practical

Click Here to view MODELS REQUIRED

2 Models Required. R300 cost per model.
This insures they arrive. Because a student without a model is a waste of time.

Day 2
Eyeliner Practical.
2 models needed: 8:30am & 1pm

Click Here to view COURSE SCHEDULE


2 Weeks prior to Practical
2 Weeks Prior – Eyeliner Theory all done online.

Day 1: 12pm to 4pm

2-3 weeks prior to Practical Course we do a Training Day so you can practice before the actual practical treatment day.
Practical Introduction is to show you how to work with the machine, the technique used and how to implant pigment correctly.

Day 2: Eyeliner Practical Day
2 models needed (organised by Student)

1st @ 8:30am and the 2nd @ 1pm


Our Eyeliner Course is R7500. This includes the stock you will use in training for practicing on a dummy model and a real models.

You then have to Add on a Kit to get started in your New Career.


This Kit is the Essential Requirements to start of in the Eyeliner Industry.
This kit is quite small but will allow you to grow slowly. All stock purchased after training is 10% on the day.
This Kit was
R 12 615
R 11 855
+ R 7 500 for Training
Total = R 19 355


1x Box
1x Digital PMU Machine

20x Kwadron 1 prong Needles Cartridges
20x Kwadron 3 prong Needles Cartridges
5x Belladerma Pigments

1x Epidermal Anaesthetic
1x Dermal Anaesthetic
25x Vitamin A&D ointment sachets
1x Plastic Masks
100x Latex Gloves
10x Aprons
10x Disposable Caps
100x Pigment Pots
1x Pigment Stand
1x Calliper

1x Blade
1x Sharps Container (950ml)
1x Cling Wrap
20x Clipcords
100x Microbrushes
1x Small Plastic Protector Sheet
1x Self Sharpening Pencil
80x Cotton Rounds

100x Earbuds
1x Kidney Bowl
1x Paper Towel
1x Double Sided Practice Skin
1x Pigment Catalogue

1x A1 Permanent Makeup Poster
1x Postal Tube
25x Aftercare Cards

25x Indemnity Forms

Need to pay it off ?

Fin Medical Loans can help you out.

This course and kit will cost around:
R 2 050 a month over 12 months
R 1 200 a month over 24 months


This Kit has the Best Requirements to start off in the Eyeliner Industry. This kit is perfect if you have never been in the Industry before and will ensure you have everything you require to succeed.
This Kit was
R 17 015
R 15 815

+ R 7 500 for Training
Total = R 23 315


1x Large Box
1x Belladerma Crystal Pen (gift)
1x Belladerma Rechargeable Digital PMU Pen
1x Spare Battery
20x 1 prong Needles Cartridges
20x 3 prong Needles Cartridges
6x Pigments
1x Epidermal Anaesthetic
1x Dermal Anaesthetic
50x Vitamin A&D ointment sachets
1x Skin Sanitizer (500ml)
1x Equipment Disinfectant (500ml)
1x Plastic Mask
50x Disposable Mask
100x Gloves
100x Aprons
100x Disposable Haircaps
1x Blade
100x Pigment Pots
1x Pigment Stand
1x Sharps Container (1 litre)
1x Cling Wrap
20x Clip Cords
1x Pigment Mixer
5x Mixing Rods
1x Calliper
100x Microbrushes
1x Packet of Cotton Rounds
100x Ear buds
1x Kidney Bowl
1x Paper Towel Roll
1x Self-Sharpening Wax Pencil
1x Practice Skin
1x Pigment Catalogue
1x Black Material Bib
1x Black Material Headband
1x Black Washable Pillow
1x Black Bed Cover
1x Small Plastic Protector Sheet
1x Poster
1x Postal Tube
25x Aftercare Cards
25x Indemnity Forms

Need to pay it off ?

Fin Medical Loans can help you out.

This course and kit will cost around:
R 2 450 a month over 12 months
R 1 450 a month over 24 months

Alternatively, Pay on Layby

Pay off your course and when you have paid it off you can attend the course.
Talk to us about this option: sales@belladerma.co.za


Do we receive a certificate?

Yes you will receive an Attendance Certificate. If you would like to have a Competency Certificate then you have to send through some case studies (which will be mentioned in your online theory course).

Is your Course Recognized?

Yes we are Registered and Approved with SAAHSP.

Can we earn CPD points when we do this Course?

Yes, if you are registered with SAAHSP then you can earn points on this course.
The Full Permanent Makeup Course is 12 CPU points.

How long is this Course?

You will do Online Theory is done 2 weeks before the course.
The Practical Days at our Training Academy will be 2 days. The first day is 1-2 weeks before the Practical Training day. We do this so you able to practice the technique before you do actual clients.

Do we have to find models?

We would prefer you find your own models. This is your responsibility. The reason is you want to see the client again to see how the treatment has healed, and then do the touch up on them.

If you are from out of town we will help you find models but you need to give us a minimum of 3 weeks.

Do models get charged?

We charge the models R300 or they just do not pitch. This gives them some responsibility to arrive. A student without a model is a total waste of time.


PLEASE make sure you have the funds and time available before booking this course and note that our training is only in Durban.

Make sure you choose a kit and then fill out the form. Once you will receive a confirmation email – you will find payment details. The payment / deposit will secure your spot. Payment must be done 24 hours after you book or the appointment will automatically be deleted. 


If you are interested in joining our Eyeliner Course please click on the button below to Check available Course Dates as well as adding the kit you want to choose and book your spot. 

Please note we do these courses every month but we only running this course in Durban. Please be aware of this before you book.

Once you have booked a spot you will receive an email confirming your booking and asking you to either pay a deposit or pay in full. The course has to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your practical training as we have to send you the Online Theory which you must complete before you come for Practical Training. If you have not completed it, you will be moved to the following training date so please make sure you complete the Online Theory before you attend.

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