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The Brows Artistry Course is Our Brow Mapping + Ombre/Powder Brow Course + Microblading Course + Brow Tinting + Brow Lamination.

NOW R 35 125
This includes One Large Business Kit.

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This course and kit will cost around:
R 3 600 a month over 12 months
R 2 100 a month over 24 months

CLICK HERE to view Combo Kit Contents

1x Large Box
1x Belladerma Crystal Pen (gift)
1x Belladerma Rechargeable Digital PMU Pen
1x Spare Battery
20x 1 prong Needles Cartridges
20x 3 prong Needles Cartridges
6x Belladerma Pigments
1x BellaNumb Epidermal Anaesthetic
1x BellaNumb Dermal Anaesthetic
50x Vitamin A&D ointment sachets
1x Skin Sanitizer (500ml)
1x Equipment Disinfectant (500ml)
1x Calliper
1x Mapping String
5x Razor
1x Blade
100x Gloves
50x Disposable Mask
100x Aprons
100x Disposable Haircaps
100x Disposable Pigments Pots
1x Pigments Stand
1x Large Sharps Container
1x Cling Wrap
125x Clip Cords
1x Pigment Mixer
5x Mixing Rods
1x Packet of Cotton Rounds
100x Cotton buds
1x Kidney Bowl
1x Paper Towel Roll
1x Self-Sharpening Wax Pencil
1x Red Pilot Pen
1x White Liquid Pen
1x Blank Practice Skin
1x MB Practice Skin
1x Black Material Bib
1x Black Washable Pillow
1x Black Bed Cover
1x Small Plastic Protector Sheet
1x Microblading Pen

50x Microblading Needles
1x Disposable Finger Ring
100x Short Disposable Pigments Pots
100x Microbrushes

1x Perm and Neutralizer box
1x Glue
1x Glue Remover
1x LashLifta Separator
1x Refectocil Intense Brow[n]s Primer
1x Refectocil Intense Brow[n]s Choc Brow Tint
1x Refectocil Intense Brow[n]s Black Brown Brow Tint
1x Refectocil Gel Activator
1x Saline Solution
1x Foam Cleanser
1x Foam Brush
4x Applicator Brush
3x Tinting Dishes
1x Pigment Catalogue
1x Brow Mapping Manual
1x Microblading Manual
1x Brow Lamination Manual
1x Permanent Makeup Manual – Online
1x Brow Art Manual – Online
25x Indemnity – Permanent Makeup
25x Aftercare Cards – Permanent Makeup
25x Indemnity – Microblading
25x Aftercare Cards – Microblading
25x Indemnity – Brow Lamination
25x Aftercare – Brow Lamination
1x Poster Permanent Makeup
1x Poster Microblading
1x Poster – Brow Lamination
1x Postal Tube

Lash Courses 2


For our Brow Artistry Course, we will offer them on the normal course dates that we offer every month. This will give you, as the student, enough time to absorb all the Information and Training Techniques. 

Our training is done in our Durban Training Centre in Kloof.
We take a maximum of 4 students per course so that you all get individual attention and supervision that you need.

For more info on these courses please click on the buttons below to view the info on each course:


PLEASE make sure you have the funds and time available before booking this course.

If you interested in joining this Courses please fill in your details below and we will contact you. 

Our training is only in Durban at the moment so please ensure you can come before you fill in a form.

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